Bone setting is a gentle and effective remedy for musculoskeletal problems.

Bonesetting can help with chronic back pain, shoulder problems, knee pain, ankle and foot problems and joint pain amongst other issues.


Does bonesetting help back pain?

Bonesetting is a studied form of treatment for both upper and lower back pain. Chronic back problems can usually be fixed within 1-2 treatments.

Is bonesetting a preventive treatment?

Bonesetting is intended to correct musculosceletal problems that have already arisen, so in that sense, it is not a preventative treatment.

Problems also often start with injuries. This, of course, is difficult to prevent.

Why don’t doctors send eg. people with knee problems to the bonesetter?

Bonesetting is not covered by the formal health care system. Doctors usually rely on international Current Care-guidelines. Usually they are not familiar with the subtle but effective manual techniques of bonesetting, which can be used to fix many knee problems and postural problems without surgery.

However, current treatment recommendations do not allow doctors to prohibit other treatment. 

Should I go to the bonesetter regularly?

The goal of treatment is always to correct the current problem so that the client can continue their own healthy life without pain. Often problems are fixed with one or a few treatments, after which there is no longer need to continue treatments. 

New problems may arise later, so it might be necessary to get a new appointment later.