“The sewers are opened in the brain and the metabolic waste is let out.”

Sleep is necessary for the body’s and brains activity to rest. Especially stimulating is deep sleep, which is the sleep cycle’s first third. In deep sleep the space between brain cells is expanded; as if the sewer has been opened and the metabolic waste built up while being awake has been let out…

Without sleep beta amyloid, alongside other metabolic waste, builds up. Beta amyloid is comprised of the same substance as amyloid plaques, that is formed in Alzheimer-patients brain.

The brains lymphatic and sewer system seems to become obstructed over time regardless. When the cleaning system malfunctions, proteins start to build up in the brain, and over time the amount increases, and causes inflammation of the brain. Eventually this might end up causing decaying illnesses, such as dementia.

The sewer of the brains blocked: