Finding the lymphatic vessels in the brain has been a challenge until recently because they are tightly attached blood vessels, out of sight. However, it is known nowadays that there are lymphs in the brain and there’s a “brainwash” in process. The purifying process was first caught on film in 2013 (Maiken Nedergaard). The pulsation in the brain can also be filmed. The pulsation does have a significant effect in cleaning the brain from metabolic waste, especially during deep sleep

The lymphs can be found from the dura mater surrounding the brain. The discovery has connected Nedergaard’s glymphatic system to the rest of the body’s lymphatic system and it has been discovered, that the brain can remove some of its toxins through the lymphatic vessels. The fluid and macromolecules running in these vessels flow straight to the lymph nodes in the neck. The lymph nodes located in the dura mater run alongside the dura mater’s large veins, arteries and cranial nerves and also function as a regulator of cerebrospinal fluid and the brain’s interstitial fluid.